Episode 046: Top 5 Favourite X-Men

Welcome to the Comic Shenanigans Podcast!

For the forty-sixth episode, join Adam Chapman (comic reviewer for Comics & Gaming Magazine, cXPulp.com) and his special guests Nathan Struk, Amber Struk & Paul Skorez as they sit down to discuss their Top 5 Favourite X-Men characters.  As a proviso, Wolverine is disallowed from this list, as we acknowledge that he'd easily be on all four of our lists, and has already received his own Top 5 episode featuring our favourite Wolverine storylines (Episode 26).  Not only do we discuss our favourites, but we also talk about the evolution of the characters over their lifespan, where these characters are now, and what to make of it all.

This episode was recorded Sunday January 13th 2013.

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