Episode 048: Talkin’ Heroclix

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For the forty-eighth episode, join Adam Chapman (comic reviewer for Comics & Gaming Magazine, cXPulp.com) and his guests Nathan Struk and Leon Orellana as they sit down to talk Heroclix.  This month, the big topic of discussion for heroclix fans has been the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man set.  Adam, Nate and Leon go through all of the currently spoiled dials, to discuss the highs and lows of the new set.  We also discuss the nature of heroclix spoilers, and the disbursement of heroclix leaks to the heroclix community.  No new installments of Know Your Clix, Would You Rather and Comic Accuracy this time around, as we focus on the sheer volume of new Amazing Spider-Man dials and information.

This episode was recorded Saturday January 26th 2013.

At the time this recording was made, not all of the dials for Amazing Spider-Man had been leaked.  Stay tuned for Episode 050, which will be recording on February 6th, release date for the Amazing Spider-Man set.

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