Episode 087: Comic Reviews for June 12th releases

Welcome to the Comic Shenanigans Podcast!

For the eighty-seventh episode, join Adam Chapman (comic reviewer for Comics & Gaming Magazine, cXpulp.com) for  audio reviews of comics released Wednesday June 12th.  New guest AJ REESE joins the show for some of the discussion!

This episode was originally recorded June 17th 2013.

This episode features our first use of SKYPE, to bring listener AJ Reece onto the show.  However, we're still working out some technical difficulties with recording the audio streams.  As a result of this, the two hour segment with AJ is at times difficult to understand, with the audio lagging, causing inadvertant crosstalk.  We hope to fix this in the future, but didn't want to completely cut out the segment.

SPOILER WARNING!!! Comics reviewed this episode include:

SOLO REVIEWS:  Astonishing X-Men #63- 5/10, Avengers Assemble #16- 6.5/10, Manhattan Projects #12- 8/10, Nightwing #21- 7/10, Savage Wolverine #6- 7/10, Suicide Squad #21- 8/10, Thor God of Thunder #9- 8/10, Uncanny X-Force #6- 8/10,Wolverine and the X-Men #31- 6/10, Worlds Finest #13- 6/10

REVIEWS WITH AJ REECE: Avenging Spider-Man #22- 8/10, Batgirl #21- 8/10, Batman #21- 6.5/10, Green Lantern Corps #21- 6/10, Guardians of the Galaxy #3- 6/10, Superman Unchained #1- 6/10, Venom #36- 7/10.

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