Episode 101: Comic Reviews for August 14th releases

Welcome to the Comic Shenanigans Podcast!

For the one hundred-first episode, join Adam Chapman (comic reviewer for Comics & Gaming Magazine, cXpulp.com) for audio reviews of comics released Wednesday August 14th.

This time out Adam tries something a little different, as his wife Kelly chooses five DC and five Marvel books for him to review this week.  The results are not always favourable...

This episode was originally recorded Monday August 19th 2013.

SPOILER WARNING!!! Comics reviewed this episode include:

Batgirl #23- 9/10, Batman #23- 6/10, Deadpool #14- 3/10, Infinity #1- 8/10, Justice League of America #7- 7/10, Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #2- 7/10, Scarlet Spider #20- 7.5/10, Suicide Squad #23- 3/10, Superboy #23- 3/10, Wolverine #8- 5/10.

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