Episode 103: Comic Reviews for September 11th releases

Welcome to the Comic Shenanigans Podcast!

For the one hundred-first episode, join Adam Chapman (comic reviewer for Comics & Gaming Magazine, cXpulp.com) for audio reviews of comics released Wednesday September 11th.

This episode was originally recorded Monday September 16th 2013.

SPOILER WARNING!!! Comics reviewed this episode include:
Action Comics #23.2- Zod- 4/10
Aquaman #23.1- Black Manta- 9/10
Avengers #19- 9/10
Avengers Arena #15- 8/10
Batman and Robin #23.2- Court of Owls- 7.5/10
Flash #23.2- Reverse Flash- 5/10
Manhattan Projects #14- 9/10
Wolverine #9- 7/10
X-Men #5- 7/10

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