Episode 264: Flashback: Avengers in 1998

Welcome to the Comic Shenanigans Podcast!

For episode 264 join Adam Chapman for the newest Flashback episode, this time traveling back to 1998 once again as we look at the Avengers issues published in that year.  We take a look at first eleven issues of Kurt Busiek / George Perez's landmark run on The Avengers!  Thrill to the restoration of the Avengers to their iconic selves, after the drudgery of the pre-Heroes Reborn and Heroes Reborn eras of the team!  Wonder Man comes back from the dead, Carol Danvers has a drinking problem, Vision is confined to the mansion, Cap's got a triangular shield, Hawkeye decides to leave the team to lead a band of (allegedly) reformed criminals, and much much more!  Plus villains like Moses Magnum, Morgan Le Fay and Grim Reaper, not to mention a classic misunderstanding with the Squadron Supreme!

This episode was recorded Monday April 27 2015.

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