Episode 400: Tangents!

Welcome to the Comic Shenanigans Podcast!

For episode 400, Adam Chapman is joined by an array of guests for a super-sized episode clocking in at over 5 hours long!  This is going to take some time to get through!  

First up, listener/guest AJ REECE returns to discuss the recently released Superior Foes of Spider-Man Heroclix set (recorded just prior to its release on August 8th).

Next, guest LEON ORELLANA returns to the show to open a case of Superior Foes of Spider-Man Heroclix (recorded on the day of its release on August 10th).

The third guest to join the show is Amazing Spider-Talk's DAN GVOZDEN, as he chats about the current state of the Spider-Titles (recorded on August 10th).

Fourth up is frequent co-host PAUL SKOREZ, as we talk first about the upcoming slate of new MARVEL NOW books, as we peruse the recent catalog, and then move on to discussing DC REBIRTH a bit.  This is the largest chunk of the show, clocking in at nearly 3 hours on its own (recorded on August 15th).

Last, but most certainly not least, is TIBOR MATE, returning to the show to make another anniversary-episode appearance. This time around we discuss Star Trek: Discovery, and discuss other various iterations of Star Trek as well (recorded on August 21st).

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